Entry #3

CSI Movie in the making

2010-03-14 17:02:41 by marmiteclock

I have decided to make a CSI styled clock movie. after I asked him and he said yes. I'm currently making the and editing the audio and creating the scenes. Blob came up with the idea for a CSI parody movie. one more thing if anyone would like to join in and make this a collaboration then it is ok with me and Blob Clock. But Blob Clock has abandoned this project and I'm still doing all the work so it looks like this will be a solo project unless anyone would like to make a contribution to this movie in the making. I'm serious and dedicated to making this movie so if I don't get a response by the time it is completed I will just push ahead on my own and submit it as a solo protect because Blob Clock only came up with the CSI theme but, But I have been left to come up with a storyline, scenes, sound effects/ music and ideas to make this a exciting and worthwhile submission to Newgrounds.com . Oh and one more thing if you would like to star in this movie please let me know by leaving me a comment below this news feed and I will include you in the storyline and give you a role to play.
Yours Sincerely
Marmite Clock


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2010-03-24 11:21:48

Ewww, clocks.

marmiteclock responds:

Errrm would you prefer locks to clocks?


2010-03-30 05:27:31

SirWolfy what may I ask is wroung with clocks. I'm sure this will be an awesome contribution to the ng flash portal :)